Solutions and Technical Support

IT support specialists are a dime a dozen. However, only a few manage to hit the level of service they’re promising, and the helpless business owner can be sucked into substandard fare that undermines their entire digital network.

So how can you sort the good eggs from the bad? Read on for the top priorities of a business support service that’s worth your time, to help you make the right choice when finding an IT support service.

Cloud-centric backups

Hardware is extremely vulnerable to accidental damage and tampering, and even small-scale ventures can’t afford to put all of their faith in physical tech. Aside from the security concerns, traditional data storage necessitates more and more hard drives to keep up with its growth rate, along with increasing energy consumption.

Your IT support team should advocate – and offer – Cloud-based backup systems. This approach is more fluid in terms of where and how information can be accessed, and protects you to a much greater degree against disasters out of the blue.

Monitoring and maintenance

IT experts should perform quarterly or yearly reviews of your network, nipping any problems in the bud before they become something bigger. A service that doesn’t give you this attention won’t be able to respond fast enough to any issues when they arise.

The review should also be comprehensive – no shortcuts to a green light! It pays to inquire about what an assessment actually entails before you jump on board.

Up to speed

Technology is a bullet train speeding through a rocky landscape: it changes constantly, swerving around difficult terrain that could slow it down, with nary a backwards glance. Your IT provider should be able to help you match this pace, by introducing you to the latest technology.

This translates to regular software and patch updates, cyber security, and a user-focused network design. Anything else will give your IT capabilities the odour of a second-hand car, when you should be cruising at full blast in a new model.

There whenever you need it

Whether you enjoy face-to-face meetings, decent telephone conversations, or the stress relief of remote access, IT support services must accommodate your particular requirements when it comes to being personal. Remote supervision should be a standard procedure, twinned with an honest aim to make you feel valued.

Within minutes of an issue or thought arising, you should be able to speak to an advisor, and pick their brains on whatever’s bothering you. An unwillingness to do so signals poor customer relations, which will ultimately impact your business.

Stay alert for these signs of virtue to find the perfect IT business service. Support is more than just a bland string of commitments – it’s a way of life. So don’t be afraid to pick beneath the surface of a support team’s declarations, and find out if they’re truly worth it.

Solutions and Technical Support

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