Our Story

SoftCRM™ is a total business solution that transforms businesses (and lives) each time you use it. We do this by creating a gigantic competitive advantage with less struggle and less cost, yet more increase in sales.

Using customer relationship management(CRM) software, Business Consulting services and Information Technology knowledge that are often counterintuitive, DocuSoft shows entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners and managers how to increase sales, find hidden opportunities, mine existing client base, and create smarter, more automated marketing and sales procedures using field-tested solutions — not unproven theory.

DocuSoft was founded by Sizwe L. Dube when he started bringing together exclusive knowledge of, best business practices, business rules and technology system integration , consulting services, sales people management and customer management, all handled in a simple to use CRM system.

triangle DocuSoft helps you better manage your customers by using a centralised database i.e. SoftCRM software, which improves on three main business drivers:

  • Productivity
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Whereas most people ignore their three main business drivers or are not even aware of all of them , DocuSoft helps you understand the correct process to attract your ideal customers, manage existing customers, protect your customer base, gain serious competitive advantage and increase your income exponentially in ANY economy.

A Champion for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners

A champion of small and medium business owners and entrepreneurs, helping businesspeople create sales, marketing, income, skill and personal liberty, DocuSoft wants to help even more businesses succeed.

The founder using his real world experience, where results rule…and customer rands can’t be wasted on theory, he wanted to help entrepreneurs and business owners put an end to wasting their time and money on sales systems that don’t work and rescue them from the frustration he observed so many experiencing.

He knew he could make a difference to these businesses bottom line by developing a highly usable customer relationship management(CRM) system. So he  created a CRM system that will:

  • Move your business to the top of your niche where no competitor can touch you
  • Let you know how healthy is your business sales
  • Allow you and your team to easily mine existing clients
  • Show you daily, weekly and monthly revenue predictions, Have the type of financial security that provides true freedom
  • Secure your client list
  • Experience less stress, strain, worry and aggravation



If it sounds complicated, it isn’t.

You’ll quickly understand our processes, and be able to create measurable and accountable sales, as well as well-crafted business reports that you will find invaluable to your business operations.

At Docusoft™ Technologies, we will show you how to increase your productivity and learn to predict your sales at any moment.