IT Business Support

(Information Technology)

Every small to medium business has technology challenges at a certain time during business operations, These challenges vary from setting up an office network, printer troubleshooting, file sharing, internet connection issues, virus/malware on computers and computer repairs. It is with this reason that every small business should have a strategic IT Business Support capacity level.

Have you ever noticed how frustrating it can get when you have to send that all important email and you get an error code that makes no sense to you or when you want to print that urgent contract only to find that it is stored or saved on the hard drive of a colleague who is not in the office at that time. Many small to medium businesses cannot afford to employ an internal IT department that is expertly competent in networking, programing, graphics design as well as hardware and software PC repairs and it is with that reason that Docusoft Technologies has positioned itself to be that strategic partner that will provide IT Business Support on demand.

Docusoft Technology has a high level of experienced IT Support capacity as well as a clear understanding of how small businesses operate with a lean budgets and controlled overheads. The founding partners Docusoft Technology have a joint small business experience of over 20 years and because our B2B (business to business) package gives you direct access to our founding directors, decision making is prompt and mutually beneficial strategic pricing plans are easily discussed. This is an important element of B2B IT services because unlike large multinational IT Companies who’s technicians have to follow stringent protocol policies that often delay the delivery of the solution, at Docusoft Technologies we are able to make decision and deliver solutions in a timeously manner therefore saving you time and money.