ICT Consulting

(Information and Communications Technology)

Most businesses do not know the source of their ICT business challenges. This requires consultation with the correct ICT consultant to effectively identify current and future ICT challenges in your business and build proper solutions to resolve those challenges permanently.

Network printing, file sharing, PC speed up as well as virus and malware protection are some of the day to day challenges faced by many small to medium businesses who do not have internal ICT departments and as a result these business owners often suffer in silence as it is sometimes cumbersome for them to call in an ICT Consultant to help them correctly assess their ICT challenges as well as to develop an ICT solution that it cost effective and addresses these challenges permanently.

At Docusoft Technologies we offer Free ICT Consultation for small to medium businesses and this is done at the comfort and convenience of your business premises so that you don’t have to leave your primary business activities while searching for the correct ICT Solution. Our 30 minutes consultation is a casual chat conducted by highly experienced ICT Consultants who don’t use complicated jargon to confusedly impress you. We take the time walk through your current and existing ICT Infrastructure and develop a conclusive ICT report for your business and these may include, your current ISP (internet service provider) details, advise if you have the correct internet plan for your business type and size. We clarify the often blurred subject of where your website is hosted and who administers your email servers. We advise you on available ICT Solutions for your office network to improve efficiency and therefore improving on productivity. Our specialised Internet Security solution will not only protect your entire organisation from cyber attack, but we will put in place measures that allow for speedy recovery in the case that such an attack should occur.